A Pair of Shoes

A Pair of Shoes

I pray Father that you would use me to bring You glory. Create in me a clean heart. Allow me to do everything for your glory, and forgive and rid me of any impure motive. That I would glorify you in everything I do, say, and think. Lead me on the path everlasting. Drive Your word and wisdom deep into my heart, where I would live my life from those. That I would live putting others first. I pray Jesus that you would help me be like a tree planted by the riverbank. I pray You would always continue to guard my heart and henceforth guide my steps. From You the most valuable wisdom flows. I pray You would give me your eyes to see everything and everyone the way You see them. I pray I would be a man after your own heart every day, pleasing in your sight. I pray I would never forget Your Word and would always act upon it. Thank you for every good and perfect gift coming from you. Thank you for Your sacrificial love for me. Praise Your wonderful name Lord Jesus, forever and ever. I pray You would be able to tangibly show your love to others through me every day. That I would love others the way You love me. That 10’s of millions of people would be impacted and feel Your tangible love through Lift Up and you would continue to dump your supernatural favor all over Lift Up, because its ALL You. That everything I think, say and do would point everyone back to you. I love You and I trust You. I pray because one man obeys like you did, many people would glorify you and believe. I pray for open highways, and that 20 years from now you would have used me to set the standard for what it looks like to care for the least of these!

In Jesus name, Amen!

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