Internal Team Updates

Internal Team Updates

Project Updates 

  • Seventeen projects on the website! Four not funded yet. 
  • To date, Lift Up has funded $72,985 towards projects to make a tangible impact around the world. 
  • Announcing a soft partnership with Cultivate International – Lift Up gets many requests from people or infant nonprofits in 3rd world countries that don’t make it all the through the 12-step Certification Process. Shane will now refer many of them to Cultivate International, an organization that develops third world country non-profit ideas/organizations to help them become sustainable (aka a project Lift Up can lift up). Here’s where the partnership comes in – Cultivate will be building a relationship with these nonprofit leaders and their sole purpose is to develop these organizations into sustainable entities. Then they will refer organizations back to Lift Up once they are more empowered, connected and sustainable. 

What’s New

Customized Financial Distribution

Ben is an efficiency genius! He created a custom integration between Stripe and Quickbooks. What’s that? Quickbooks grabs the data from Stripe and automatically creates the journal entry. But it doesn’t stop there. Ben took it one step (or five) further and has made Quickbooks smart enough to log the project and whether the lifter covered their fees. Then Quickbooks auto-adjusts the transfer buckets so money is moved into the correct accounts. Huge time savings win! Not to mention, no room for human error. 


Scholarships Funding the CORE

Matt came up with a brilliant way to provide funding to the CORE. Businesses that offer their employees (or employee’s children) scholarships can now work with Lift Up for the scholarship. Allowing companies to make a tax-deductible gift erasing the high tax rate on those education donations. This service charges a 10% fee to the CORE. We have already successfully processed two scholarships raising a significant chunk for the CORE. 

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