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We Lift Up tangible projects with the greatest impact around the world.

100% Model

Every penny donated directly impacts life-changing projects.

Certification Process

Every project goes through a rigorous 12-step certification process.

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See the life-changing impact YOU make with every donation. Simply click on the Impact Tab within every single project.


You see photo-based progress reports of projects impacted by your donation.


You see a video upon completion of the project.

GPS Coordinates

You are linked to GPS coordinates, giving you access to projects indefinitely.

Five different times I went into one of the most impoverished communities in the world, and was shocked to see how much of a difference $1 could make. Every small act of generosity made a life-changing impact. Imagine what we can do together, as a community of Lifters.
- Shane O’Rourke, Founder

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1 in 6 people live in extreme poverty and lack access to the resources necessary for basic needs, including clean water, electricity, education, housing, and recreation. Here’s how YOU can help.

When you become a Lifter, you get to experience the inexpressible joy that comes from changing someone’s life.

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We want to make it not only possible, but easy for everyone to make a life-changing impact for people in need.

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