2 Water Wells in India

$3,591 of $5,000
27 Days Left
Location: Andhra Pradesh, India
Partner: JSSWM (Jesus Salvation and Social Work Ministries)
Placement: Remote Jungle Villages
Impact: 2,000 People
ONE WELL IS FUNDED! Every $5 gives 2 people access to clean water!
There are remote villages in the jungles of India with NO access to drinking water. So many kids without the access to water they need to live healthy lives. We have an opportunity to bring 2,000 people clean and safe drinking water in the these remote villages with 2 sustainable water wells.
In tribal areas where there is no drinking water facilities, they bring water from small ponds, lakes, and canals. This water is very contaminated with animal waste, bacteria, and viruses. By drinking this water, people are getting sick, especially small children and pregnant women who are frequently suffering from many types of diseases from this water. That is why we are providing pure drinking water in these remote tribal areas. We only need to dig 300 to 500 feet to obtain pure drinking water. Once we obtain the funding, 2,000 peoples’ lives will change forever!
Helping care for the orphans, widows, and lepers in the remote villages of India.