Special Needs Center Equipment in Peru

$1,872 of $2,500
6 Days Left
Location: Lima, Peru
Partner: Without Borders International
Placement: Special Needs Center
Impact: 75 People
Every single day proper nutrition is provided to someone for only $0.55!
The Chucuito district of Lima Peru is home to Without Boarder International’s training center and bed and breakfast. Jasiel is a program for people of all ages with disabilities and their families. In Peru, once a special needs child has aged out of school, there is nothing for them to do. They sit at home all day and night – if their mom has to work, then they are home alone. There is a cultural stigma exists towards people with disabilities in Peru and few, if any, resources are allocated to this group of people. It makes an already difficult life more difficult. 
Without Boarder International’s Jasiel program has gives people a safe place to call their own. There is programming 5-6 days a week, food, fun and resources. The building exists, as does the framework for the kitchen, but the kitchen needs appliances. Culturally, mealtime is a very important part of a Peruvian’s day. For some of the people coming, this is their only warm and nutritious meal of the day. Once the kitchen is complete with a refrigerator, microwave and two blenders it will guarantee food is available for each person, no matter their need or disability.
Improving the quality of life of people who are disadvantaged.