Lift Up x Tough Mudder

$26 of $10,000
5 Months Left
Location: Hugo, MN
Partner: Tough Mudder
Placement: Haiti, Nicaragua & Honduras
Impact: Clean Water for Kids Around the World

We believe every dollar & every runner makes an difference! 

Lift Up x Tough Mudder are partnering together for a powerful day of impact! Bringing cleaning water to kids in need around the world. on Saturday, July 11, 2020.

Tough Mudder is the biggest, baddest, most epic obstacle course event in history. Challenging people to step outside their comfort zone while stretching both their physical and mental limits. Tough Mudder is not a race or a based on results, its about showing yourself what more you are capable of. Now you can see the impact you are capable of at the same time, as we launch the first ever Tough Mudder x Lift Up project.

Every runner will have the chance to raise funds and wear Lift Up swag at the Twin Cities Tough Mudder. To make a life-changing impact for people in need around the world.

Classic $109  |  5K $79 (Includes race, free parking & T-Shirt).

Join the team today! We would love to run with you.


Running in the mud so kids can have clean water.